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Who We Are and Why Choose Us

SYSTSERV is an innovative ISO 13485 certified organization in Medical Informatics and IoT fields. It has been founded by researchers with experience in designing and developing ICT systems and services. Beyond us and our scientific personel there are directly highly skilled external collaborators (with significant experience in the field of ICT/e-Health/Medical Engineering), consisted of engineers, medical physicists, physicians, data scientists, security experts, web designers and administrative staff.

Our solutions are in lockstep with the latest innovations in ICT, science, and medical research. As a result, our customers have a greater region of interest and our collaborators operate more efficiently saving time.

Our main scope is to design and develop next-generation solutions for informatics and healthcare, turning system outcomes into actionable services for clients, patients and providers.

Our Team

Scientific Areas: Medical Physics/Informatics, Systems Designing

Dr Lefteris G. Gortzis

Founder and President, SMIEEE

Scientific Areas: Informatics, Artificial Inteligence, Project Management, Data Analysis

Hara Pylarinou


Scientific Areas: Project Management, Financial Analysis

Stelios Alexopoulos


Scientific Consultants

Scientific Areas: ICT, Informatics, Project Management

Prof. C. Macropoulos


Scientific Areas: ICT, Informatics, Neural networks

Prof. S. Likothanasis

Scientific Consultant

Scientific Areas: Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Medicine

Prof. E. Koletsis

Scientific Consultant

Scientific Areas: Informatics, Medical Imaging, Data Analysis

Prof. Stelios Zimeras

Scientific Consultant

Strong Characterists

More than 20 years of experience with Academic, Research, Technical Industrial Institutions.
Diligence and commitment to achieving goals based on widely-accepted Standards.
Solid Team of tech-savvy leaders with in-depth knowledge about ICT, medical and e-healthcare systems and a visionary culture leading the next generation of ideas in the corresponding fields.
Medical Informatics
Augmented Reality
Robotic Systems

Latest Projects

We have participated in the following projects during the last years

WIDER – Green Growing of SMEs: Innovation and Development in the Energy Sector in the Mediterranean Area as a Knowledge Provider
Greece-Italy 2007-2013: «Development of entrepreneurship through innovative applications of green economy and training of human resources for green professions in the cross-border area»
"Calculating ECMO Support of patients with Pulmonary Infection (e-RESpi)" University of Patras
Go global for Computer Assisted Diagnosis (Go- Glob4CAD), LEAD-ERA International Program
Design, devlopment and pilot testing of freely accesible online educational material, for a common group of modules intened for "food science" students
Robotis Systems

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